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11. Dividends

US$ million 2008 2007
Final ordinary paid – 86 US cents per ordinary share (2007: 75 US cents) 1,021 1,058
Interim ordinary paid – 44 US cents per ordinary share (2007: 38 US cents) 517 469
Interim dividend paid – in specie(1) 3,718
  1,538 5,245
In specie dividend relates to the Mondi demerger. See Disposals and demerger of subsidiaries and businesses note 33.

The Board has decided to suspend dividend payments.

As stated in note 28, the employee benefit trust has waived the right to receive dividends on the shares it holds although the waiver was temporarily suspended in respect of the Mondi demerger dividend in specie. Immediately after the dividend was paid, the waiver was reinstated.