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40. Group companies

The principal subsidiaries, joint ventures, associates and proportionately consolidated joint arrangements of the Group at 31 December 2008, and the Group percentage of equity capital, joint arrangements and joint venture interests are set out below. All these interests are held indirectly by the parent company and are consolidated within these financial statements. The Group has restricted the information to its principal subsidiaries as full compliance with Schedule 5 paragraph 15 of the Companies Act 1985 would result in a statement of excessive length.

  Percentage of equity owned(1)
Subsidiary undertakings Country of incorporation Business 2008 2007
Anglo Platinum Limited South Africa Platinum 79.6% 76.5%
Anglo Coal(2) South Africa Coal 100% 100%
Anglo Coal Holdings Australia Limited Australia Coal 100% 100%
Peace River Coal Partnership Canada Coal 73.8% 65.9%
Base Metals
Black Mountain Mining (Pty) Limited(3) South Africa Zinc, lead and copper 74% 100%
Copebrás Limitada Brazil Fertilisers and acid 73% 73%
Namakwa Sands(3) South Africa Mineral sands 100%
Gamsberg Zinc(3) South Africa Zinc project 74% 100%
Anglo American Brasil Limitada (Barro Alto) Brazil Nickel project 100% 100%
Ambase Exploration (Namibia) Proprietary Limited (Skorpion) Namibia Zinc 100% 100%
Anglo American Brasil Limitada (Catalão) Brazil Niobium 100% 100%
Anglo American Sur SA Chile Copper 100% 100%
Anglo American Norte SA Chile Copper 99.9% 99.9%
Anglo American Brasil Limitada (Codemin) Brazil Nickel 100% 100%
Minera Loma de Níquel, CA Venezuela Nickel 91.4% 91.4%
Minera Quellaveco SA Peru Copper project 81.9% 81.9%
Lisheen(4) Ireland Zinc and lead 100% 100%
Ferrous Metals and Industries
Scaw Metals/Moly-Cop/AltaSteel South Africa/Chile/Canada Steel, engineering works and grinding media 74%-100% 74%-100%
Kumba Iron Ore Limited South Africa Iron ore 63% 63.4%
Anglo Ferrous Brazil SA Brazil Iron ore 98.9%
Anglo Ferrous Minas-Rio Mineração SA(5) Brazil Iron ore project 99.4% 49%
Anglo Ferrous Amapá Mineração Limitada Brazil Iron ore system 69.2%
Industrial Minerals
Tarmac Group Limited UK Construction materials 100% 100%
Tarmac France SA France Construction materials 100% 100%
Lausitzer Grauwacke GmbH Germany Construction materials 100% 100%
Tarmac Iberia SA Spain Construction materials 100%
WKSM SA Poland Construction materials 100% 100%
Tarmac CZ a.s. Czech Republic Construction materials 100% 100%
Tarmac SRL Romania Construction materials 60% 60%
Koca Beton Agrega Mining and Construction Industry and Trading Company Limited Turkey Construction materials 100% 100%
United Marine Holdings Limited(6) UK Construction materials 100% 50%
The proportion of voting rights of subsidiaries held by the Group is the same as the proportion of equity owned, unless stated.
A division of Anglo Operations Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary.
Previously Black Mountain and Gamsberg Zinc were divisions of Anglo Operations Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary. On 1 October 2008 100% of Namakwa Sands and on 3 November 2008, 26% of each of Black Mountain Mining (Pty) Limited and Gamsberg Zinc were sold. Gamsberg Zinc is a division of Black Mountain Mining (Pty) Limited.
The Group's interest in the Lisheen operations is held through Anglo American Lisheen Mining Limited, Killoran Lisheen Mining Limited and Lisheen Milling Limited. The Group owns 100% of the equity of each of these companies.
At 31 December 2007 was named MMX Minas-Rio Mineração SA when a 49% interest was held and accounted for as a joint venture.
50% held at 31 December 2007 was accounted for as a joint venture.
  Percentage of equity owned(7)
Joint ventures Country of incorporation Business 2008 2007
Compañía Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi SCM Chile Copper 44% 44%
AI Futtain Tarmac Quarry Products Limited Dubai Construction materials 49% 49%
LLX Minas-Rio Logística SA Brazil Iron ore 49% 49%
Midland Quarry Products Limited(8) UK Construction materials 50% 50%
DB Investments SA Luxembourg Diamonds 45% 45%
Queensland Coal Mine Management (Pty) Limited Australia Coal 33.3% 33.3%
Cerrejón Zona Norte SA Colombia Coal 33.3% 33.3%
Carbones del Cerrejón LLC Anguilla Coal 33.3% 33.3%
Carbones del Guasare SA Venezuela Coal 24.9% 24.9%
Tongaat-Hulett Limited(9) South Africa Sugar, starch, glucose and property development 37.1% 37.2%
Hulamin Limited(10) South Africa Aluminium 38.4% 38.4%
Samancor Holdings (Pty) Limited(11) South Africa Manganese 40% 40%
Groote Eylandt Mining Company (Pty) Limited (GEMCO)(11) Australia Manganese 40% 40%
Tasmanian Electro Metallurgical Company (Pty) Limited (TEMCO)(11) Australia Manganese 40% 40%
  Percentage of equity owned
Proportionately consolidated jointly controlled operations(12) Location Business 2008 2007
Drayton Australia Coal 88% 88%
Moranbah North Australia Coal 88% 88%
German Creek Australia Coal 70% 70%
Foxleigh Australia Coal 70%
Dawson Australia Coal 51% 51%
All equity interests shown are ordinary shares.
During the year the Group ceased accounting for Midland Quarry Products Limited as a subsidiary and began accounting for it as a joint venture as it is now considered to be jointly controlled.
Formerly The Tongaat-Hulett Group Limited.
Unbundled from Tongaat-Hulett in June 2007.
These entities have a 30 June year end.
The wholly owned subsidiary Anglo Coal Holdings Australia Limited holds the proportionately consolidated jointly controlled operations.

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