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Executive management

Executive Committee (ExCo)

Until 1 September 2008 the Chief Executive’s Committee (CeCom) was responsible for implementing the strategies and policies determined by the Board, managing the business and affairs of the Company, prioritising the allocation of capital, technical and human resources and establishing best management practices. CeCom was also (until 1 September 2008) responsible for senior management appointments and monitoring their performance and acted as the risk committee for the purpose of reviewing and monitoring Anglo American’s systems of internal control.

CeCom comprised: Cynthia Carroll (chair), René Médori, Russell King and Tony Redman.

With effect from 1 September 2008, ExCo assumed all the responsibilities of CeCom in addition to its own responsibilities of developing corporate and business unit strategy, monitoring strategic process in terms of key milestones and reviewing operational and safety procedures of the Group’s business units. ExCo meets at least every two months on a formal basis for a two day session and when required in the intervening periods.

The current members of ExCo are; Cynthia Carroll (chair), René Médori, Russell King, Philip Baum, Brian Beamish, Ian Cockerill, Kuseni Dlamini, Neville Nicolau, David Weston and Mervyn Walker.

Investment Committee

The role of the Investment Committee, which is a sub-committee of ExCo, is to manage the process of capital allocation by ensuring that investments and divestments increase shareholder value and meet Anglo American’s financial criteria. The Committee makes recommendations to ExCo and/or the Board on these matters. The Committee meets as required.

The Investment Committee presently comprises: René Médori (chairman), Dorian Emmett and Gareth Mostyn.