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3.3 Bonus Share Plan (BSP)

The BSP was first operated in 2004 and all executive directors are normally eligible to participate in it.

The BSP requires executive directors to invest a significant proportion of their remuneration in shares, thereby more closely aligning their interests with those of shareholders, and encourages management at all levels to build up a meaningful personal stake in the Company. Awards under the BSP are not pensionable, are made annually and consist of three elements:

  • a performance-related cash element;
  • Bonus Shares as a conditional award, normally to a value equal to the cash element; and
  • an additional performance-related element in the form of Enhancement Shares.

The BSP operates as follows:

  • the value of the bonus is calculated by reference to achievement against annual performance targets which include measures of corporate (and, where applicable, business unit) performance as well as the achievement of specific individual objectives. For executive directors, the corporate element is based on stretching earnings per share (EPS) targets which are calculated using underlying earnings (reconciled in note 12 of the financial statements). The key individual objectives are designed to support the Company’s strategic priorities and in 2008 included value-enhancing cost savings, strategic initiatives, safety improvements, productivity growth, talent management and operational efficiencies;
  • the Committee reviews these measures annually to ensure they remain appropriate and sufficiently stretching in the context of the economic and performance expectations for the Company and its operating businesses;
  • in 2008, 50% of each annual bonus was based on the corporate financial measure and the remaining 50% on key personal performance measures. This split was decided upon to reflect the importance of the ongoing strategic repositioning of the Group and because of the volatile nature of commodity prices in recent years, with the implications of this on setting earnings targets. The level of bonus payable is reduced if certain overall safety improvement targets are not met. Bonus parameters are set on an individual basis;
  • in the case of the directors and executive committee, half the bonus has in previous years been paid in cash, and the maximum cash element has been 75% of basic salary in the case of both Cynthia Carroll and René Médori. The maximum bonus is payable only for meeting targets which, in the opinion of the Committee, represent an exceptional performance for the Group. The other part of the bonus has been in the form of a conditional award of Bonus Shares hitherto equal in value to the cash element. Despite another strong financial performance in 2008, conditions in the mining industry over the past six months have deteriorated rapidly and, in order to further strengthen the longer-term alignment with shareholders, the Committee has determined that, for the 2008 performance year, the portion of the bonus payable in cash should be reduced from 50% to 25%, with the balance being awarded in the form of Bonus Shares. These Bonus Shares vest only if the participant remains in employment with the Group until the end of a three-year holding period (or is regarded by the Committee as a ‘good leaver’); and
  • executive directors also receive a conditional award of Enhancement Shares at the same time as the award of Bonus Shares. The maximum potential, at face value, of the Enhancement Shares is 75% of the face value of the Bonus Shares (i.e. for the award made in 2008 a maximum of 56% of basic salary). Awards of Enhancement Shares made in 2008 will vest after three years only to the extent that a challenging performance condition (based on earnings per share growth against growth in the UK Retail Price Index (RPI) – Real EPS growth) is met (see illustrative chart). There is no retesting of this performance condition.

Real EPS growth is viewed as the most appropriate performance measure for this element of the BSP because it is a fundamental financial performance indicator, both internally and externally, and links directly to the Company’s long-term objective of improving earnings. The targets have been approved by the Committee after reviewing performance over a number of years and have been set at a level which provides stretching performance levels for management. At the end of each performance period, the level of performance achieved and the proportion of awards vesting will be published in the subsequent remuneration report.

Vesting of Enhancement Shares