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3.1 Remuneration mix

Each executive director’s total remuneration consists of salary, annual bonus, long-term incentives and benefits. An appropriate balance is maintained between fixed and performance-related remuneration and between elements linked to short-term financial performance and those linked to longer-term shareholder value creation.

Assuming on-target performance, the Committee’s policy is that at least 50% (60% for Cynthia Carroll) of each executive director’s remuneration is performance-related. In 2008, 71% of both the chief executive’s and the finance director’s remuneration on an expected-value basis was performance-related (see illustrative charts).

The Bonus Share Plan (BSP) and the Long Term Incentive Plan (LTIP) are designed to align the longer-term interests of shareholders and executives and to underpin the Company’s performance culture. The Committee monitors the relevance and appropriateness of the performance measures and targets applicable to both plans. Further details of the BSP and the LTIP are at bonus share plan and long term incentive plan.

CEO - Expected Values

FD - Expected Values