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Key performance indicators (KPIs)

Strategic aims Strategic focus KPI Description Results and target (if applicable)
Employer of choice
For Anglo American, becoming the employer of choice begins with an aim to provide a safe and supportive working environment for everyone who works for the organisation. The Company's commitment to zero harm remains its primary focus. The organisation offers a range of career paths for both technical and professional people. With its global footprint and growth aspirations, Anglo American can offer both an exciting and a fulfilling employment proposition.
Safety Work related fatal injuries and fatal injury frequency rate (FIFR) FIFR is calculated as the number of fatal injuries to employees or contractors per 200,000 hours worked 2007: 40 fatalities, 0.018 (0.021§) FIFR
2008: 27 fatalities, 0.014 FIFR
2009 target: zero incidents
Lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) The number of lost time injuries (LTIs) per 200,000 hours worked. An LTI is an occupational injury which renders the person unable to perform his/her duties for one full shift or more the day after the injury was incurred, whether a scheduled work day or not 2007: 1.15 (1.26§)
2008: 1.04
2009 target: zero incidents
The ultimate goal of zero harm remains
People Voluntary labour turnover* Number of permanent employee resignations as a percentage of total permanent employees 2007: 4.3%
2008: 3.9%
Gender diversity* Percentage of women and female managers employed by the Group 2007: 11% females, 15% female managers
2008: 12% females, 17% female managers
Voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) for HIV/AIDS Percentage of employees undertaking voluntary annual HIV tests with compulsory counselling support 2007: 71%
2008: 77%
2009 target: 100% VCT in high disease burden countries (100% is the long term goal)
Excludes discontinued operations unless otherwise stated.
Includes Mondi untill 3 July 2007 and Highveld until April 2007.
Excludes Mondi and Highveld for all of 2007.