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Key performance indicators (KPIs)

Strategic aims Strategic focus KPI Description Results and target (if applicable)
Investment of choice
Anglo American seeks to outperform its competitors in delivering value to shareholders. Everything that the Group hopes to achieve for all other stakeholders – particularly host governments, communities and employees – must be built on a platform of sector leading financial performance.
Asset Optimisation and financial performance Total shareholder return (TSR) TSR is defined as share price growth plus dividends reinvested over the performance period. The Group uses a performance period of three years and calculates TSR annually Please refer to the Remuneration report.
Return on capital employed (ROCE) Calculated as total operating profit before impairments for the year divided by the average total capital less other investments and adjusted for impairments 2007: 37.8% (total Group basis)
2008: 36.8%
Year on year cost savings ($m)* Cost savings for the Group relating to operating efficiencies, procurement and restructuring and synergies 2007: $280 million ($380 million on a total Group basis)
2008: $348 million
Underlying earnings per share* Underlying earnings are net profit attributable to equity shareholders, adjusted for the effect of special items and remeasurements and any related tax and minority interests 2007: $4.18 ($4.40 on a total Group basis)
2008: $4.36
New capital investments Capital projects and investment Optimise the pipeline of projects and ensure that new capital is only committed to projects that deliver the best value to the business on a risk adjusted net present value basis See summary of the Group’s capital projects and investments.
Excludes discontinued operations unless otherwise stated.