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Key performance indicators (KPIs)

Strategic aims Strategic focus KPI Description Results and target (if applicable)
Partner of choice
Anglo American has a history of successful collaboration with its stakeholders, including governments, communities, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). The Company understands that it can only thrive if it is welcomed and respected in the countries and communities in which it operates.
Sustainable development Energy efficiency Improvements in energy efficiency are measured from a 2004 baseline 2007: 196 million (107 million§) GJ total energy used
2008: 105 million GJ total energy used
Target: A 15% improvement in energy efficiency by 2014
Total water use Water is a critical resource and is managed at catchment level. Baselines and targets are being revised 2007: 251 million (131 million§) m3
2008: 125 million m3
Target: To be set in 2009
CO2e emission intensity Reduction in carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions per unit of production is measured from a 2004 baseline 2007: 24.4 Mt (19.4 Mt§) CO2e equivalent
2008: 19.8 Mt CO2e equivalent
Target: A 10% reduction in CO2e emissions per unit of production by 2014
Corporate social investment Social investment as defined by the London Benchmarking Group includes donations, gifts in kind and staff time for administering community programmes and volunteering in company time 2007: Spend – $60.5 million, 0.70% of profit before tax
2008: Spend – $76.2 million, 1.11% of profit before tax
Enterprise development Number of companies supported and number of jobs sustained by companies supported by Anglo enterprise development initiatives 2007: Number of businesses supported 1,312; number of jobs sustained 5,850
2008: Number of businesses supported 3,012; number of jobs sustained 13,431
Target: Number of businesses supported 3,500; number of jobs sustained 18,000
Reflects managed operations.
Includes Mondi until 3 July 2007 and Highveld until April 2007.
Excludes Mondi and Highveld for all of 2007.