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Key performance indicators (KPIs)

Anglo American uses KPIs to help measure its performance. The KPIs are aligned to the three key strategic aims of the Group

Anglo American’s strategy is to become the leading global mining company. In 2007, Anglo American identified four key areas that required focus in order to achieve this: integration, performance, growth and engagement. During 2008, as understanding evolved, three key strategic aims that should underpin this ambition were identified:

  • investment of choice;
  • partner of choice; and
  • employer of choice.

These aims are discussed in A global business fit for the future of the Operating and financial review (OFR).

In implementing its strategy, Anglo American measures performance with reference to the KPIs. These KPIs are aligned to its key strategic aims and are employed across the Group. The KPIs encompass both financial and non-financial indicators as well as quantitative and qualitative measures. While these KPIs are helpful in measuring the Group’s performance, it is recognised that they are not exhaustive and many additional performance measures are also used to monitor progress.

A new indicator, enterprise development, has been introduced to better reflect the impact of the Group’s sustainable development initiatives.